Higher Diplomas > Higher Diploma in Dive Business Administration (Tourism & Dive Resort)

Module Code Module Name (Core)
DB 110 Dive Business Management & Retailing
DB 120 Dive Business Accounting
DB 130 Dive Business Communication
DL 130* Recreational Diving Theory & Practicum
DB 140 Principle of Business Law
Module Code Module Name (Major)
DB 150 Facility Design & Resort Operations
DB 160 Dive Travel & Tourism
DB 170 Tropical Environment
DB 180 Dive Resort Case Study

Any progressive resort, diving business or independent educator takes an active role in creating and promoting continuing activities, equipment sales, classes, dives, charter boat trips and diving travel. Planning, organization, and everyday operations are all part of the modern business activities. A major portion of a dive professional’s success comes from skillful operational techniques and the gentle use of the art-of-persuasion.

Whether a full-time professional is persuading a student to do an exercise, sign up for additional training, or recommending equipment, knowing the principles of selling people on their ideas makes the job easier and the pay better.

Complete training at IMDI on inventory control, record keeping systems, display work efficiency, air systems, insurance, legal aspects and general operations are just some of the subjects covered. Also covered in the program is gross profit management, rental procedures, travel booking and reservations, group charters, and cash register procedures. The list of skills you acquire at the Institute goes on and on.

The IMDI’s program deals with the psychological aspects of persuasion in all areas of sales, from selling your own dive courses to vacation packages and equipment. To help you learn sales psychology, specially prepared videotapes and guides present the information in an easy to learn, step-by-step format. What you learn at the Institute at Hall’s is not the hard sell. You learn that skillful persuasion selling, as taught at the Institute, is pleasant and productive for you and your customer..

The operational and sales procedures you learn at IMDI are so refined and systemized that once you learn them, no matter where you go to work, it will seem easy.

At IMDI, your internship performs REAL operations and sales in this proven, successful dive business environment.