Gear Considerations

Personal Basic Gears Consideration

Mask – Your windows to the underwater world

Provides an air space for normal vision

• Loosen strap
• Check seal by breathing in through your nose
• Put on face, tighten strap to comfortable (not too tight)
• Re-check seal (no hair under seal)
Snorkel – Your bridge to surface air supply

Aids breathing on the surface

• Attached to left side of the mask
• Ball size should be normal
• Mouthpiece to fit your mouth size
Fins and booties – Your Underwater Engine

Aids propulsion and movement underwater

2 types
• Open-heel : to wear - loosen strap
Full footed : to wear - invert heel
• To fit, use the cross over method
• Tighten strap if using open-heel fins
• Kick & fin to check comfort and fit.
Wet suit – Your Skin Underwater

Provides warmth, protection and buoyancy

• Fit carefully, do not force
• Ensure the fit is not too tight around chest or neck, can cause breathing problems
• Be careful when removing hooded tops or tight neck seals
• Can use plastic bag to make wearing easlier
• Should feel slightly tight but no movement restrictions
Weight belt – Your Ballast Underwater

Neutralises buoyancy of wetsuit on surface

• Use a quick release buckle
• Arrange lead weights evenly
• Fit above waist and comfortably tight
• Do not tuck in loose ends