Diploma > Diploma in Dive Leadership

Module Code Module Name (Core)
DL 110 Introduction to the Diving Industry
Contemporary Issue & Ethnics in Recreational Diving
DL 120 Introduction to Diving Science, Tech. & Management
DL 130 Recreational Diving Theory & Practicum
DL 140 Seamanship Theory & Practicum
DL 150 Dive Accident Management & Rescue
DL 160 Dive Leadership & Practicum


Dive leadership and instruction methods at IMDI are proven and progressive. Through the IMDI’S Diploma programs, you easily learn firsthand how become an effective dive leader and to teach diving courses in the classroom, at the pool and in the open water.

The Dive Leadership and Instruction Diploma Program have 3 levels. Simply it can prepare and qualify you to become the best Dive Master, Sports Diving Instructor and Technical Diving Instructor.

Training is in all phases of leadership and instruction. Special lectures and study guides are given on all areas such as outdoor psychology, seamanship, diving science, environment, diving accident management, hyperbaric physiology, gas mixing, rebreathers and business aspects. You will learn in-depth methods that prepare you to teach any version of diving instruction, anywhere in the world.

There will be professional training for your classroom teaching orals (Chinese included) and open-water orientations make your speech presentations effective, fun and educational for both you and your students.

Water training makes up a big part of your instructor training. The open water surrounding our resort-training environment is the ideal classroom for underwater instructors.

During your training, you teach real students in the real environment at real diving center or resort.