Course Assessment

IMDI strongly believes in developing managerial and practical competencies of course participants, in addition to classroom lectures.

All validated programmes offered by IMDI have two major components:
a) Written examinations, and
b) Course work or Assignment or Project Work or Internship

The total marks awarded for any particular examination module is 100%. 80% will be allotted for written examinations. These written examinations will be taken at the end of each module and 20% will be based in course work or project work or assignment or internship.

Clear guidelines will be given to course lectures about the internal assessment scheme and they are required to maintain proper records of the performance of students during the course.

Course lecturers will submit project work and assignments done by students to the Examiner Office and these will be available for inspection to moderators of external validation bodies if applicable.

In exceptional cases, students may be granted ‘Advanced standing status’ by the school. Students this status may be given exemption from certain modules of the programme based on their previous qualifications, age, experience and other criteria. Such students will be exempted from assessment requirements on those modules for which exemptions are granted to them. However, they will be required to pay the examination fees in full to the external validation body to qualify for the award of the Diploma, Higher Diploma or Advanced Diploma. No exceptions will be made in this regard.

The IMDI – Partner programme papers will be set by respective Heads of Department, module leaders and lecturers. However all questions will be vet through by the IMDI Examination Board. Subsequently, it will be assessed with the respective validation bodies for final approval before it is used as examination papers.

Methods of Continuous Assessment

a. Assignments

(i) All lecturers who are teaching the respective modules are to set 1 Assignment per module. These assignments constitute 40% of the weightage of the marks of each module.

(ii) 1 Assignment constituting 20% may be an exercise, case study, project or internship. The assignment test will be of 2 hours duration and constitute the other 20%.

(iii) Normally, the exercise, case study or project is given to students after lectures. They are to be completed by students outside lectures, and assessment is based on students’ presentation of their work in writing as well as presentation. A pass mark of 30% must be maintained in the total assignment assessment.

(iv) Moreover, the assignment is to be marked and recorded by the respective modules lecturers and sent together with a copy of the assignment questions to the Examination Officer/Executive at FEIDA International 2 weeks before the FEIDA International examinations for the purpose of validation.

(v) It is compulsory for students to pass BOTH the assignment and examination component in order to be considered to have passed the module.

b. Written Examination

(i) Written examination constitutes 60% for each module, and is conducted for every module. FEIDA International conducts the examination. The examination is conducted four times yearly in March, June, September and December. The duration of each examination is 3 hours and it is a closed book examination unless otherwise stated.

(ii) Registration for examination begins in January, April, July and October each year.

(iii) The overall pass mark of every module is 40%

Students need to pass BOTH the Coursework and Examination component of Module. All coursework and examinations will be subject to the moderation of the partnership agreement with the external validation bodies. IMDI will determine the final marks.

Case Studies will be assessed 100% by examinations and will be subjected to the moderation of the partnership agreement with the external validation bodies.