About International Marine & Diving Institute (IMDI)

IMDI (International Marine & Diving Institute) is the Centre of Experience & Excellencea registered as a Singapore organisation. IMDI, Started in 2012 by Michael Lim transferring it from TDI Asia Pte Ltd formed in 1994. It arose as a response to the lack of ‘relevant’ to the new age requirement of modern technology in the scuba diving training. As a specialized dive and marine career school dedicated to quality training. The training programs are designed to be relevant to market demand based on needs and feedback from the employers. If you are serious about succeeding monetarily and enjoying a new full or part-time occupation in the recreational marine or dive industry then the IMDI International Career Program is for you.

International Marine and Diving Institute(IMDI) is also a profesional body of marine and diving industry experts specialising in the training and development of marine and diving industry throughout Asia. A combination of the expertise of the IMDI has helped evolve highly effective, up to the minute, well-presented programs and training courses that can be easily understood by the layman. IMDI is a very exciting and exceptional instituition. IMDI has a select number of partners training centres throughout South East Asia and China.

The instituition has 2 offices, one in Singapore. Singapore is the hub to many world class diving and sailing sites in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The other is in Hainan Island, the only tropical island in China. Our training resort is located in Wenchang Yulong Bay on Hainan Island, China, only 90 minutes by from Haikou City, provincial capital of Hainan Island.

IMDI utilizes a number of resources for instructional equipment. From our dive boats to specilaised library, projectors, video and digital cameras, computers and even underwater scooters. IMDI Internship provides REAL hands on training experience. There are REAL customers to service, repair department, phone systems, displays areas and compressors, Nitrox blending system, and numerous other equipment to use as part of the training.